Awesome Romantic Love status for WhatsApp 2015

Love is a feeling that can be expressed to him/her in many ways. Our ancestors used to share feelings by writing letters. Today we use messenger apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. You may have seen movies where the hero/heroine falls in love with the co-star on bus stand, coffee bar, school, college,…etc. The film stars make use of their friends and relatives to conquer their love. Some even used pigeons to send love messages. 😛

Sharing your feelings on WhatsApp is far better than Facebook. If you use Facebook, you’ll first have to log into your account and then search for the person to whom you want to send message. On WhatsApp, you just have to tap on the number/name that appears in your contact list. You don’t have to create a profile to use WhatsApp.

Things have changed very much. You don’t really need to be in front of your husband, wife, girlfriend or your boyfriend to express your love. Nor do you need a third persons help.

Awesome Romantic Love status for WhatsApp 2015

Best funny WhatsApp status messages – quotes 2014 – 2015

Funny WhatsApp status messages are in very high demand. Such messages force people to interact with you in WhatsApp group or in chat sessions. It has been proven many times that interactive and humors people are liked by all. For example, you may have heard about the Hollywood actor Jim Carey. This actor has excellent comic timing and he’s is considered one of the funniest man alive. His movie Dumb and Dumber has proven how funny he is. Jim Carey is loved by millions of people because of his hilarious nature. Our second example is Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean. Atkinson is one my favorite comedian. I used to watch his show daily as a Kid. Many Kids and adults still remember most of the episodes of Mr Bean. Whether its your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, sister, father or your mother, everyone in your contact will enjoy reading the best funny WhatsApp status you’ve shared through your account. So what are you waiting for? use the below funny status quotes and impress your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all other social networks of you choice.

Best funny WhatsApp status messages and quotes 2014 – 2015

1-I’m saving my energy for the future, i’m not lazy.

 2-Hey! i just a got a friend request from your lover :P.

 3-A man’s/woman’s marriage bio-data:

DOB: 1/1/1981 (Change it if you want)
Weight: 101 Kgs Height:
3.9 feet.
If you smile or laugh then your marriage is fixed with him/her.

4-Husband to Doctor: Doctor please fix my broken teeth
Doctor: Ok! But how did you loose your teeth?
Husband: I didn’t like the food my Wife had prepared, hence i refused to eat it.
Doctor: So what?
Husband: She punched my on my face.

5: Doctor: Why are you scared now. I just saved your life.
Patient: Thanks but the truck which hit me had this message “We’ll meet soon”

6- My friend says that he’s as intelligent as Issac Newton, he say’s that onion is the only plant that can make people cry. To prove him wrong, i threw an apple on his face.

7: A Jealous person does a better research than CID and CBI.

8: Hey! I’ll be online again in 7 minutes, if not then please read this status again :).

9: I need a 2 months vacation 6 times each year 🙁

Funny status for WhatsApp in Hindi

funny hindi whatsapp status

funny stats for whatsapp

funny whatsapp status in hindi

I’ve joined a WhatsApp group where 100+ friends of mine post the best funny WhatsApp status messages. I’ll share them with you on daily basis. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the above funny WhatsAapp status messages. Stay tuned for more such updates.

Free Download WhatsApp for PC – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, 10 OS

WhatsApp is one app that you can’t afford to ignore. Before we have a a look at a 100% working tutorial to download WhatsApp for PC, let’s have a look at its coolest features. The app is simply awesome as it connects you with your family and friends. Unlike many other similar apps, you don’t have to create any kind of social networking profile for WhatsApp. To connect with people all you need to do is download WhatsApp messenger for Android or IOS and install it on your handset. I’ve used this software since 2 years. Eversince i started using it, i stopped using Facebook, twitter and orkut.

Key features of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Logo Icons

Completely free: If you log into Facebook, you’ll see annoying ads on its right sidebar. The most annoying feature of Facebook is its ads in news-feed. Whenever an update is shown in your news feed, FB automatically recommends you some pages. You can remove ads via a adblocker Firefox or Google Chrome extension. WhatsApp messenger is an ad free application. You won’t see any frustrating ads when you’re using it.

You don’t have to add or follow people: To connect with people on twitter or Facebook, you’ve add them as a friend or you’ve subscribe/follow their profiles. If you’re a newbie, you can have difficult times in searching for a relative or a friend. WhatsApp is fantastic. When you install and run this software, you’ll be requested to use your phone contacts as a method to connect with friends.

No Spam and anonymous friend requests: If you have spammers then this messenger software is just for you. If you use this app for Android or IOS, you will never see any spam activity in your account. Spammers might target WhatsApp group. This is the only place where spammers might exit. Unless people have your mobile number, they won’t be able to add you as a friend on WhatsApp.

Pricing: This software is free for the 1st year. When you’ve used it for 365 days, you’ll need to pay just 0.99 dollars (60 Rupees) to use WhatsApp. The pricing is highly affordable considering the fact that you won’t see any ads.

WhatsApp DPs (profile pictures) and status messages: Setting your profile picture is an easy task. Users are also allowed to add a status message to their profile. The message will be visible to user.

Free Stickers and Smileys: This messengers offers 100’s of interesting, funny, cute, love stickers and smileys. Thus you can easily share them in your chat sessions.

Download WhatsApp for PC free

Tutorial to Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP, 10 OS)

Here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Open Google web-search and type Bluestacks in the search box.
  2. Now press return (enter) key on your keyboard.
  3. From the 1st 3 search result pages, click on
  4. When the website gets opened, go to its download section.
  5. Now download Bluestacks emulator.
  6. Install this software on your PC.
  7. Now open bluetstacks and open the play store app.
  8. Type WhatsApp and press enter key.
  9. Now WhatsApp logo/icon will appear on your screen.
  10. Click on it and done.
  11. Go through the list of apps installed in Bluestacks.You’ll find the messenger.
Use WhatsApp on PC Windows 7, 8, XP, 8.1 computer

Description of the tutorial: Well, WhatsApp engineers are working on a desktop version of the messenger. As of now, there’s no official installer to run or use WhatsApp on PC. In this case, Bluestacks comes into the picture. Bluestacks is the best Android emulator software. It allows users to install and use any of their favorite apps on PC. Using Bluestacks is as easy as using WhatsApp. The emulator is free and you will have to download it from the official website. To download WhatsApp for PC, you’ll need to first download Bluestacks. When you’re down with the download, you have to install it on your Windows computer. When installed, you’ll see the emulator software’s icon on your desktop. Now all you’ve to do is double click on Bluestacks icon and open the Google play store app. When you run this software, you’ll see Google Nexus like interface. Now follow steps 6 to 11. Done!

Note: I’ve recommended you to use Bluestacks as it is the top emulator for Android. Some good alternatives are Andy, GreyNotion,…etc.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this tutorial to install WhatsApp messenger on PC.

Best sad status for WhatsApp 2015

Sometimes, things don’t happen as we may expect. We may not get expected results in life even after working hard day and night. You may be ditched in love or you’re going through the worst phase of your life. We’ll there are many that can make us sad. When we’re not happy, we express your feeling through WhatsApp status.

Sad mood or Sad status about life

We’ll, i’ve compiled the major reasons why you person become sad. Here they’re:

  • Your friend or relative is admitted in a hospital.
  • Someone you know very well has passed away.
  • You’re not well.
  • You didn’t get promotion or salary hike.
  • When you’re partner is not near you.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with a disease.

Please use the below sad status for WhatsApp in English or Hindi if you’re going through the above situations:
 1- Will Not let you go at any cost (jānē tujhē dēṅgē nahīn) – a popular line from 3 Idiots song
 2- Give me some sunshine, Give some rain, give me an another chance, i want to grow up once again.
 3- Tears have become part of my life.
 4- Loneliness is not my best friend anymore, tears are.

Best sad status for WhatsApp 2014

Love Problem

You’re not being accepted by the person you love. Well, I’m not a love guru but i would advice you to forget the past and think about the future. You’ve many relatives (parents, siblings,…etc) that love you. Thus you should focus on your relatives rather than wasting your time thinking about your previous affair. Well, this advice is applicable for both male and females. If you want to express love problem through WhatsApp then you can use the below popular Hindi song quotes-

Sau dard hai, sau rahte – from the Movie Jaan-E-Mann
Sach keh raha hai deewana – from RHTDM movie.

Broken relationships

There are many reasons why a relationship may end. The major one’s are listed below:

  • Misunderstanding.
  • Extra marital affair.
  • Negligence.

Many-times, your loved one may not understand your feelings. This problem can take your relationship to court r a lawyer. If you want to express your emotions through WhatsApp Sad status in Hindi or English, use the below quotes or poems:
 I’m happy that i’m not with you,
lovers like me are very few,
someone will love me more than you,
 Good bye and i won’t miss you!