Awesome Romantic Love status for WhatsApp 2015

Love is a feeling that can be expressed to him/her in many ways. Our ancestors used to share feelings by writing letters. Today we use messenger apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. You may have seen movies where the hero/heroine falls in love with the co-star on bus stand, coffee bar, school, college,…etc. The film stars make use of their friends and relatives to conquer their love. Some even used pigeons to send love messages. 😛

Sharing your feelings on WhatsApp is far better than Facebook. If you use Facebook, you’ll first have to log into your account and then search for the person to whom you want to send message. On WhatsApp, you just have to tap on the number/name that appears in your contact list. You don’t have to create a profile to use WhatsApp.

Things have changed very much. You don’t really need to be in front of your husband, wife, girlfriend or your boyfriend to express your love. Nor do you need a third persons help.

Awesome Romantic Love status for WhatsApp 2015

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