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Emotions play a vital part in human life. They are strong feelings that arise from circumstances that a person faces in life. They are our reliable indicators that show us how things are going in our life. They control our behavior, actions, and the way we think.

A person in his everyday life can express many emotions and feelings. Besides this, a recent study has shown that there are some basic types of emotions as follows.:

Fear: It is a feeling that every living thing experiences. It is a strong disturbing emotion caused due to uncertainty, distress, and threats.

Disgust: It is a strong feeling of disapproval towards those things that are unpleasing or offensive.

Sadness: It is an emotion that expresses the feelings of sorrow, pain, stress, or unhappiness. This emotion can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. Moreover, being sad is the worst thing that could happen to a person. Other consequences of sadness are depression, negative way of thinking, and a lower self-esteem.

Happiness: It brings positivity and the feeling of joy in a person’s life. Besides, it also helps a person to live a healthy and a positive way of life. In simple words, it is a state of being happy.

Anger: Out of these emotions, anger is one of the prominent enemies of our life. It is a healthy, natural emotion with strong feelings of annoyance and displeasure. It is not always possible for an individual to control anger, but can strive to manage it.

Anger is not good for health and life. Why would love to spend his or her time and energy on loathing? A person can lose his temper on those things that try to have an effect on his life in negative ways.

Is it easy to live life with hatred? What causes anger? Mentioned below are some factors that influence a person in being angry.

Rejection: It is one of the strongest pains that a person can suffer in his life. In infancy, a child forms various relations with parents, relatives, and friends. When the people whom the child trusts, break his confidence and faith in them, he undergoes from the feeling of fear and pain. Thus, while growing up, the feelings of rejection affects his life in negative ways. As a result, he develops anger and bitterness towards the people responsible for his pain.

Frustration: Sometimes due to inability, many people are unable to meet their desired goals in life. Thus, when they fail feeling of depression, annoyance and anger surround them and have an adverse impact on their life.

Response to the inevitable factors of life: Human life is unstable and something that a person cannot change. Accepting it, the same is one of the prominent challenges for all. Factors like death, birth, looks, abilities, and thinking capabilities differ from person to person. Sometimes, people try to make fun, mock and ridicule a person who has been insecure. Doing so, may affect the self-confidence of that week person. As a result, anger motivates him with a want to punish those who mock other people.

Pain of favoritism: Many a times in practical life, parents admire one child over the second. While doing this, not only they are destroying the self-worth of the second child, but they are also inspiring him to respond in a negative way towards the favored one. Thus, when both the children grow, grief, hatred, and anger motivate the unfavorable child to take his revenge.

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Symptoms of anger
How would you know whether the person standing in front of your eyes is angry or happy? What are the striking changes? Listed below are some signs that are noticeable in a person who is angry. They are as follows.

  • Blood pressure and heart rate increases.
  • The body exudes sweat.
  • Muscle tension.
  • Throws stuff.
  • Foul language while communicating.
  • Headache.
  • Violent behavior towards boyfriend/girlfriend i.e bf or gf.

Managing and controlling anger
How would you control your temper? Does it sound easy to manage it? Yes, a person can keep up his rage by putting many efforts. Mentioned below are some ways or tips that you can use in your life to overcome anger.

– The moment you realize that now, you are about to get or are angry, when and wherever possible, take a short break.

– When possible, get yourself some free time or be alone for a while and allow yourself to get angry.

– Before anger dominates you, get yourself a seat for a while, calm down, and take some deep breaths.

– Fetch or seek for a place that can make you happy and feel better.

– Try to think positive and behave the same for few minutes until you learn that there is nothing like worrying.

– Ask for some help from a friend whom you trust. Discuss your issues with him as he could show you the right way to get rid of it.

– Get yourself an anger management plan to learn more about those factors that make you feel angry.

– When you feel that your level of anger has crossed its limits and has affected your day-to-day chores, see a psychiatrist.

– Take some time and think well before you speak anything. The person with whom you communicate will respond according to what you say.

– Go and get yourself some physical exercise. Doing so will cut some stress from your life that causes anger.

best angry whatsapp status 2015

Help your friends and family members to overcome anger and live a happy life without bitterness. Stated below are some famous quotes and sayings that you can use on your WhatsApp profile as a status to make your dear ones calm down and free from stress as well as anger.

Best Angry WhatsApp status 2015

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. – Buddha

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining. – Stephen Hawking

Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one. – Benjamin Franklin

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. – Mahatma Gandhi

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Iacocca

Sometimes, you have to get angry to get things done. – Ang Lee

While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself. – Douglas Horton

When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself. – Louis Nizer

A broken bone can heal, but the wound a word opens can fester forever. – Jessamyn West

Behind every argument is someone’s ignorance. – Robert Benchley