Best cool WhatsApp status messages and ideas 2015

When you’re feeling energetic or extremely happy then you can express your emotions to all people in your contacts by sharing a funky or super cool WhatsApp status. If you use Facebook for the same, everyone in your friend list will be able to see your update. Suppose if you have 500 FB friends, your update will be shared with all of your friends. Thus if you want to share your thoughts with everyone in your friend circle, you should use Facebook.

To be honest, keeping default status in WhatsApp doesn’t make any sense. Some people may even get annoyed reading the default status on your profile as they’ve read the same message on the profile of some other guy/girl before. Keeping your WhatsApp status as available, busy, battery about to die or I’m in a meeting will force people to message you. Thus if you’re interested to chat with your girlfriend or boyfriend then you should use these messages.

As I’ve already mentioned in my earlier articles, you should add smileys and emoticons to your messages to make them look more cooler. For example, if I’ve shared this update: Met Shahrukh Khan (SRK) today, I’ll decorate this text with this emoticon 8). Here are some of the coolest WhatsApp status messages and ideas in English:

  • I’m a limited edition of life.
  • I’m special, not unique.
  • I’m responsible only for what i say, not for what you understand.
  • Being positive is horrible.
  • I think of you in the colors that don’t exist.
  • Be original, be loved.
  • My life has many options but unfortunately there are no choices.

Although WhatsApp status is the best way to share your cool thoughts, you shouldn’t use a message that may annoy others as your profile may be blocked. Moreover, your reputation may be spoiled. You might even lose your best friends. So think twice before updating your status. Also make sure to messages not having more than 100 or 150 characters.