Latest WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you should know

Today, we’ll share some of the best WhatsApp tricks and hacks for 2015 that you might not be aware of. The tricks are simple but effective. They work on all types of tablets and phones. After going through this article, you’ll be surprised to know that despite being a very small app, WhatsApp has many useful features.

Disable auto downloading of files: When you’re using WhatsApp over Wi-Fi connection, the images and video files that you see in group conversation or messages will be automatically saved to SD card of your phone. Thus 100’s of useless files will be saved on your device. To turn off this feature, open chat settings an tap on media auto-download button. Now change the settings as shown in the below image.

disable media auto download in WhatsApp

Email chat messages: To be honest, I don’t know why WhatsApp has added this feature. But it is pretty useful. You can use Email chat messages utility in many ways. For example, if someone is threatening you on WhatsApp or if your relationship has been affected on this IM, you can directly email the conversation to the police department (if you know the email ed) or a lawyer :P. The email will include the pictures, text content and videos in the chat message.

Disable Last seen or profile picture: Sometimes many not want to reveal your personal picture or the last seen time on WhatsApp. To turn these 2 features off, visit privacy option of this app and modify the settings. (Check the below screenshot).

disable or enable Whatsapp last seen profile picture

Whatspp contact not showing/camera not working: If you’re not able to see your contact despite having it in the phone-book, open security manager on your phone. Find this app and activate all privacy related permissions for it i.e read contacts, call logs, detect position, phone ID, use camera/microphone,…etc.

Keep your chat messages private: Install the messenger and chatlock app from the Google play store here, open it and enter a new 4 digit pin. Now turn on the lock for WhatsApp. Whenever you’ll run this IM, you’ll be prompted to enter the unlock PIN.

download messenger and chatlock app for Android

Type messages in Hindi: Download Google hindi Input app on Phone (Android or IPhone) and open it and configure the keyboard settings. Whenever you tap on the textbox in WhatsApp, the Hindi keyboard will appear on the screen.

Type in hindi on Whastapp tricks and hacks 2015

WhatsProfile visit: There are many websites that shares a trick to find recent profile visitors. Don’t get fooled! WhatsApp has not made its API public yet. It supports just sharing feature on Android. Thus it is impossible for any third part app to track WhatsApp users activity. Unless both your friend is using the same profile viewer app, you want know who visited your profile.

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You can discover more cool WhatsApp tricks and hacks yourself by exploring this application. You’ll find a lot of useful utilities if you’ll navigate to this IM’s settings and options.

Best new Whatsapp status in Hindi and English (2015)

Whatsapp tops the list of best and the most used messaging apps in the world. The reason why Whatsapp has managed to reach to the top is because of its simplicity. People without any strong educational background use this app as if they are experts in instant messaging. Few days ago, i was roaming on the streets of a metro city. While roaming, i saw a tempo driver chatting with someone on WhatsAPp.

 I was shocked to see this because i knew the driver very well. The driver had passed just 7th class of the school. HE failed more than 2 times in his 8th class exams. Thus he was forced to quit the school. He had good Hindi communication skills. BTW he understood Hindi very well. His English was worse than that of a 1st standard student. Thus he exchanged messages with someone in Hindi. Anyways, sending WhatsApp message is as easy as cutting a birthday cake. All you have to do is,run the software of your phone. Tap on any contact with whom you wanna chat. Enter a message and tap on the arrow button that you see at the bottom of your handset’s or tablet’s display. If an user is online, he will send you reply. When he’s entering words, you’ll see a typing message below his/her WhatsApp profile picture.

Best new Whatsapp status in Hindi and English (2015)

Whatsapp doesn’t come with any rules for your messages. You can type Whatsapp status in Hindi, English or any language that you are aware of. You text can be in any font of your choice. If you’ve installed swipe keyboard, you’ll be able to send messages or set status only in English character. Asus has recently introduced a keyboard app with which you can type Whatsapp status message in Hindi or any Indian language. Thus you should consider installing this Keyboard app for Android if you want to communicate on whatsapp through Hindi font.

Whatsapp allows you to share any type of messages. For example to ask your friend where he is? You can simply use this message – kaha hai? By this time, you have recognized how powerful Whatsapp messenger is. If you want to set an impressive status in your favorite language, hindi or English, please use the below Whatsapp status messages.

Best Whatsapp status in Hindi 

Dil ki dhadkan ruk si gayi,
saanse meri tham si gayi,
pucha hume dil ke doctor se pata chala toh pata chala,
sardi ke karan aapki yadein dil mai jam si gayi.

Zindagi jala di humne jab jaise jalani thi,
ab dhuye par tamasha kaisa aur rakh par behas kaisi.

Waqt acha zaroor aata hai, par waqt par hi aata hai.

Zindagi rahi toh saath nighaaunga dosto,
agar yeh bhul gaya toh samajna shaadi ho gayi πŸ˜›

Best WhatsApp status in English 

Nowadays, people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. 

Once you realize that your past is nothing but a story, it has no power over you. 

Forgive and forget seems to be appropriate in most of the cases, sometimes moving on is better. 

I work for money, for loyalty, please hire a dog! 

Love begins with a smile, starts with a kiss and ends with tears. 

Relationship never dies a natural death, they’re killed by ignorance, attitude and Ego. No other scream is as powerful as silence.