Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison 2015

Messaging apps are full of fun. They have replaced dogs as mans best friend. You don’t have to be with your buddy or girlfriend to chat with him/her, simply download and run WhatsApp on a phone with internet connection. In the past few years, many alternatives of WhatsApp have emerged in the markets (i.e Google Play store or Apple App store). Some of the most popular instant messengers are Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Line, Skyper, Viber,…etc. Telegram is one of most used messenger in the world. Its developers have claimed that telegram is faster that WhatsApp and other IM apps. Today, we’ll compare it our favorite messenger application with telegram.

Security: WhatsApp is the famous app when it comes to user privacy and security. Telegram claims to encrypt every messages sent through it. The algorithm used for encrypting is so strong that even top scientists can’t crack it. Telegram has a secret chat feature with which, you can set timer for messages. The chat history and messages will be deleted forever from the phone as well as Telegram servers after user specified seconds.

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Ratings and users: WhatsApp has 20+ million ratings and it is used by more than a billion people whereas telegram has managed to get rated by 13,00,000 out of its 50 million users

Pricing: You can us telegram free for life. Unlike WhatsApp, there’s no subscription charges for this application. WhatsApp users should pay just 1.2 dollars after 1 year of usage to continue using the app.

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Advertisement: Both apps are free from banner, floating and other types of ads. According to their parent company i.e Facebook and VKontakte, WhatsApp and Telegram will remain ad free.

Stickers: Telegram offers a few more stickers than its competitors. Its users can upload their own smileys using the stickers bot module.

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Attachments: Although there are a lot of online services that can be used to send files, sometimes using instant messengers is more convenient. For example, you can use Google drive or dropboox to share large size files with your friends Unfortunately, you are allowed to share just pictures, videos, location in WhatsApp. With telegram, you can easily share all types of files without worrying about their size.

API access: You can use the telegram api in your app. WhatsApp API is not public yet. It allows third party developers to use just sharing function with which, users can share links in groups, chat messages.

Conclusion: Both apps are good but as WhatsApp is used by more people, you should use it. Unfortunately, Telegram is popular only in some countries. Thus you might not find your friends in this app. I was able to find just 2 telegram users from my 200 contacts.

Latest WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you should know

Today, we’ll share some of the best WhatsApp tricks and hacks for 2015 that you might not be aware of. The tricks are simple but effective. They work on all types of tablets and phones. After going through this article, you’ll be surprised to know that despite being a very small app, WhatsApp has many useful features.

Disable auto downloading of files: When you’re using WhatsApp over Wi-Fi connection, the images and video files that you see in group conversation or messages will be automatically saved to SD card of your phone. Thus 100’s of useless files will be saved on your device. To turn off this feature, open chat settings an tap on media auto-download button. Now change the settings as shown in the below image.

disable media auto download in WhatsApp

Email chat messages: To be honest, I don’t know why WhatsApp has added this feature. But it is pretty useful. You can use Email chat messages utility in many ways. For example, if someone is threatening you on WhatsApp or if your relationship has been affected on this IM, you can directly email the conversation to the police department (if you know the email ed) or a lawyer :P. The email will include the pictures, text content and videos in the chat message.

Disable Last seen or profile picture: Sometimes many not want to reveal your personal picture or the last seen time on WhatsApp. To turn these 2 features off, visit privacy option of this app and modify the settings. (Check the below screenshot).

disable or enable Whatsapp last seen profile picture

Whatspp contact not showing/camera not working: If you’re not able to see your contact despite having it in the phone-book, open security manager on your phone. Find this app and activate all privacy related permissions for it i.e read contacts, call logs, detect position, phone ID, use camera/microphone,…etc.

Keep your chat messages private: Install the messenger and chatlock app from the Google play store here, open it and enter a new 4 digit pin. Now turn on the lock for WhatsApp. Whenever you’ll run this IM, you’ll be prompted to enter the unlock PIN.

download messenger and chatlock app for Android

Type messages in Hindi: Download Google hindi Input app on Phone (Android or IPhone) and open it and configure the keyboard settings. Whenever you tap on the textbox in WhatsApp, the Hindi keyboard will appear on the screen.

Type in hindi on Whastapp tricks and hacks 2015

WhatsProfile visit: There are many websites that shares a trick to find recent profile visitors. Don’t get fooled! WhatsApp has not made its API public yet. It supports just sharing feature on Android. Thus it is impossible for any third part app to track WhatsApp users activity. Unless both your friend is using the same profile viewer app, you want know who visited your profile.

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You can discover more cool WhatsApp tricks and hacks yourself by exploring this application. You’ll find a lot of useful utilities if you’ll navigate to this IM’s settings and options.